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How People Make Money Online?


ebayDo you need some extra cash? Job postings are hardly there, job security continues to disperse, and wages seem to be sluggish. So it is not surprising that many people are trying to create multiple streams of income by in order to establish some security. No doubt, this strategy is quite smart. However, if leaving your primary position or home to get to a second job is troublesome for you, then you will find yourself stressed and frustrated. Fortunately, these days there are a myriad of legitimate opportunities to make money from home, and with most of them, you can get started with spending a cent. Following is a list of the top ten easy ways you can make money from the comfort of your home.

10: Sell Stuff on eBay

If you have things you do not really need, maybe others might, and you can sell off these items by auctioning them on eBay, to make money from home. Just start gathering your goods, sign up for a seller’s profile on eBay and begin selling. When it comes to selling successfully, some practice is necessary.

9. Blogging

If you want to pour out your thoughts about a certain passion and make money from home, then you should start a blog. Blogging can easily turn out to be profitable once you start selling advertising through your blog. Every time your readers click on the ads posted on your blog, you will earn some profit.

8. Affiliate Marketing

We have mentioned a lot on this site about casino games. That is because we also make money from Social Media and email list marketing via online casino bonuses. By offering people an incentive, you can persuade them to sign up to a real money online gaming site. For instance, we will put a link to a special online casino offer such as this one: SCR888 Deposit RM50 Free RM30. This will take you through to our partner site. If you signed up to the deal on that website, then you would get the free RM30 (Malaysian Ringgit) on top of the RM50 that you deposited. The online casino will give you this. For us, we get a percentage of each bet that person makes on the site for introducing them. A pretty good way of getting affiliate commissions.

7. Freelancing

You can also make money from home with freelancing. You can make a decent income with a freelance writing job if you know how to write and you have a passion for things such as food or travel. You can also self-publish your original work and make the same amount of money as contract-driven freelance jobs.

6. Domain Name Flipping

If you want to earn a living online more lucratively, and if you are business savvy, then you should consider domain name flipping. This involves searching for poorly maintained, unused websites, buying them, extensively updating them and selling them for a much higher price. Earning a handsome price is all about finding a relevant site and updating it impressively.

5. Financial Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing and tax preparation are included among financial services. If you have knowledge and experience in any of these areas, then offering financial services is another ideal opportunity to make money from home. The best and most convenient way you can offer financial services is to create your own website.

4. Customer Service

A customer service department is crucial for most businesses. Many businesses have now started to offer electronic customer service through email and their websites. Businesses have even started hiring home-based customer service agents to provide live sales and support to their customers. You can earn commission-based or even permanent income from home this way.

3. SEO Reviewing

When it comes to Internet-based employment, SEO is an area that is continuously growing and is a very reliable option if you want to make money from home the easy way. The most convenient way of making money in this field right away is to work as a contract SEO reviewer. SEO knowledge can come in handy.

2. Tutoring

The pressure for elementary to high school students to get good grades and pursue higher education continues to increase every year. For some parents, hiring a tutor for their children becomes necessary. Like financial services, you can provide online tutoring service, which will not only be easy for you but will also be convenient for the children and their parents.

1. Sell Handmade Goods

If you have a knack for making handmade goods, then just like auctioning stuff you do not need, you can also sell your handmade creations online as well. Many buyers search for handmade goods on the Internet. If you can create homemade creations in areas of crochet, knitting, painting, sculpting, or any other, you can make decent money by selling them online.

No doubt, having a job is traditional way of earning money. However, if you want to make more money, and you want to make money from home, then you should consider the mentioned options.


What Are The Top Mobile Casino Online Games That Can Be Played At Leading Mobile Casinos?


With more and more stand alone mobile casino websites be launched by a large number of online casinos, it is not surprising that there has been a rise in the popularity of mobile casino online games. One thing that these games seem to have in common is that most of them originate from the web gaming suites of online casinos. Today, there are quite a few leading software companies that power the games at online casinos, and it now possible to play those tried and tested casino games on virtually any mobile device.

The great thing is that all of these mobile casino, novelty, slot and video poker games can be played pretty much in the same way as their web versions are played. This means that they have the same gameplay features, payout percentages and playing rules as on the web gaming platform.


What Are The Top Casino Games For Mobile Devices?

The range of mobile casino games is truly rather vast, which is why it is worth it to showcase the best ones.

3 Card Poker – This is a two-in-one casino card game. You can learn how to play 3 Card Poker very easily and you will be able to play it very quickly. In order to win a set of payouts, all you have to do is end the game a strong ranked hand, the stronger the rank, the higher the payout.

Baccarat – This is another immensely popular casino card game that can end with one of three potential winning situations. Either one of the players win, or the banker wins, or the game ends in a tie. Fortunately, you get to choose whether you want to play this game for free or put up a stake on offer.

Avalon Slot – This multi line bonus video slot game will prove to appealing to you if you are a slot player who is fond of triggering those bonus rounds of free spins. When playing this game, you will be awarded with 12 free spins upon triggering the bonus game. However, for each winning wining, you will find out what the multiplier has awarded only after that winning spin has been spun in.

Double Magic Slot – Double Magic Slot is one of the older slot mobile casino games, which comes with the old school 3 reel format, but is very easy to play and understand. You will be able to play this game very easily and there will be special Wild Multiplier symbols that will allow you to increase your winning payouts if a winning combination is formed with the help of any of those symbols.

Pub Fruity – Mobile casino gaming platforms do not have many fruit machines, but Pub Fruit is one of the rare ones. A fully packed fruit machine is featured in this game, which will allow you to enjoy a lot of slot spinning action.


The truth is that mobile casino games are no different from their web versions, but the experience of playing them on a mobile device, on the go, is one of a kind. For more mobile casino gaming action, Luxury Casino Mobile, Mobile Casino Action, Mobile Casino Classic, and UK Casino Club Mobile happen to be the best places to enjoy playing casino online games from a mobile device.


Understanding online casinos


Have you ever been in a casino? Not necessarily gone to play games? Well, if the answer is yes, then you will agree with me when I say any casino has multiple games you can play. This is the same case with online casinos.

An online casino is an application downloaded not only on internet-based mobile device but also on computers. They require an internet connection to access and play games in any online casino. However, it’s not a must you download an online casino, you can access one and play its games from a website.
online casino


Generally, online casinos can be divided into two broad categories; web-based casinos and download-only casinos. However, some types are both web-based and can also be downloaded.


Web-based online casinos are only accessed and played on certain websites. You cannot download them to your mobile device or computer. Using a web-based casino is a bit tricky. It requires a strong internet connection. Web based online casinos have pop-up tips and tricks from experts you can use to win in any game. However, these tips are never guaranteed.


Download-based online casino is an application software that one is required to download into their mobile device or computer before they can be accessed. Downloading from an official website is very fast and free of charge. Downloaded online casinos run smoothly than web-based casinos. However, we all know that downloaded content from the internet comes with risks of viruses, malfunctions and malwares, right?


Playing online casino games takes into account two approaches; you can either play virtual casino games or play live dealer casino games.

Virtual games

Playing virtual casino games can be very tricky. This will be like playing against a computer. Pseudorandom number generator produces data that will determine any outcome of a game played. This generator uses algorithm to generate a wide range of numbers. This ensures that the numbers are fair and unpredictable.

Live dealer

This games are played against a human dealer. Gamblers will be accessing the games from their computers and mobile devices while a human dealer will be on at the main game-server. The game will be run in real-time from a table. All gamblers will see it via a video link to make their bets.


– Gambling on online casinos is of added advantage as its odds and payout percentages are high as compared to physical casinos.

Remote accessibility: you can access any online casino from anywhere and anytime.

Tips: in online casinos, you can pay an expert and you will get tips and tricks on how to win. Despite the fact that the tips might not be 100% sure, they will increase your chances of winning. But of course betting is about luck, right?

Promotions: various online casino promotions help users a lot. They have great deals and bonuses for gamblers.

Easy to play: some online casinos games are very easy to play. More so, one can check with their tutorials before playing.


In conclusion, online casinos vary in their approach of service delivery. Using a live dealer approach in very expensive and demanding. More so, it requires the casino owners to employ many staff which is costly.


Some of the Best Places to Find Discounts

Special Deal

When looking for discounts, we are always looking online for the best deals. There are also plenty of high street deals, but in the end the internet is the most convinient way to find the best deals for you.

What kind of deals can we find online?

Let’s just put this simply – you can find a deal for absolutly anything online.

  • Property
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping goods
  • Fashion
  • Games

Some ways to even get things for free online

We delved deep into this subject and had found out some of the most popular online freebies you will find. Now we always advise when you look at these types of deals is to never really spend any real money on these games. Instead find the best bonus deal they offer which is usually free ways to play their games and take full advantage.

Other places you can find free stuff include some of the popular gaming websites such as Steam Gaming. They offer free to play games including some of the most popular games from Vlave. You can find out more about Valve here:

Places to find some of the best discount deals

Ok so we can get plenty of free games and ways to play games, but trying to find something online that is a physical product and get it for free is the most challenging task of all. Personally we failed in this mission aside from a getting a couple fridge magnets for signing up to a couple newsletters. Bascially nothing worth raving about.

Saying that thoug, you can find discounts that virtually give you stuff for free or allow you to purchase goods that are considerably cheaper than if you were to buy them in a high street shop.

Take Lazarda or Zappos for examples. As a regualr member you will always get discounts. Their discounts are easy to see on their products and comparison is very easy to make with other online stores. If you were to visit exactly the same products in a shopping center, you will most likely spend the best part of a week making up your mind.

So for fashion, we recommend: 

  • Lazrda
  • Zappos

We intend to add more about special deals and discounts in further blogs on this site. And to our regular visitors, we are sorry for the massive change in content! We were just not happy with the current collection of information we has and so we decided to start afresh!

Hapyy reading and we will be catching up with you in our next blog!


Zynga Poker – Free Poker Gaming and Its Addictive


Zynga Poker TrollyIf you take a moment to think of addictive online games, chances are a Zynga game will be one of the contenders in your mind. A lot of people are spending a lot of time playing games like Words with Friends, Farmville and Zynga No Limit Hold �Em Poker. In 2012, it was reported that 1.8 trillion minutes were spent playing Zynga over the course of just 3 years. It’s been 9 years since Zynga Poker first launched and the craze is still with us. 

Hold Em Poker History

Texas Hold Em otherwise known as Holdem, is a variation of standard poker. It’s coming to existence can be dated back to the early 1900s in Texas. Through the years, it has carried on to be a pastime for people meeting in person, and now also online. One popular online version has been Zynga Poker – Free Poker Gaming has so many people glued to screens trying to outwit each other. Zynga has over 35 million people playing across the world.

Why are we addicted to Zynga Poker?

Zynga Poker allows Facebook users to play in a simulation of poker. A participant enters a casino lobby and simply chooses a table to play with friends or other players online. The goal is to have the best five-card hand by combining your hole cards with those available on the board. How does Zynga keep their games so addictive? Here are a few factors that feed the Zynga Poker addiction.

It’s free! You can play as many times as you’d like at no cost. This allows the game to attract a much larger audience, compared to pay-to-play games. The interesting bit though, is the fact that for you to really have an advantage over others, and be in a better position to win, you will need to spend a little to unlock special features and capabilities. You may start off believing you won’t spend a dime, but with time, you will have the itch to buy something.

It feels like everybody is playing. A lot of people end up playing in the first place because they receive an invite from a friend or two on Facebook. Given that a lot of people login to the social media platform daily, the chance of being drawn into the multiplayer online game are high. It’s quite a smart play for Zynga to use the social platform; it creates a sense of urgency to not feel left out. In fact, you can call that Peer Pressure.

We have an ingrained need to be the best. Humans have a need to feel important, special, unique, or needed. When competing with others, this need eggs us on to keep trying to outwit each other and become the victor. Zynga Poker creates a social environment, where you play against real people online. The urge to win keeps a lot of players playing the free poker game – with the hopes of beating everyone else. It is this urge that pushes some to spend on special features and even research for a couple of tips and cheats to work to our advantage.

The developers of not just Zynga Poker, but all Zynga games at large, knew these hot buttons. It is with these human behavioral buttons that they created the most addictive games online. It is quite interesting how our emotions can build a billion dollar company.